The Worst Christmas Gifts Ever Received On Film

Crap presents, we've had a few. There was the regifted journal that might have gone undetected, had the giver bothered to remove the original inscription. Who can forget the time your office Secret Santa merely raided the supply closet? Or the year your then-boyfriend's mom handed you a low-fat dieting cookbook, even though you weren't, er, dieting?
It could always be worse. For every ribbon-topped sports car or blue Tiffany's box, Hollywood has shown us there's also a pair of socks or pack of toilet seat covers waiting to bust your holiday bubble. Sometimes, the dud gifts are just boring. Sometimes, they're lethal. Sometimes, they're such a letdown that you have to go up to your room and have a quick cry before driving the kids to their Christmas pageant. Damn you, Alan Rickman. Damn you.
Read on for the worst gifts featured on the big screen. They say it's the thought that counts, but...really?

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