Update: Sexual Assault Case Against Bill Cosby Is Going To Trial

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Update: Bill Cosby’s sexual assault trial has been postponed to June 2017, a judge ruled on Tuesday afternoon. Pennsylvania Judge Steven O’Neill said that the delay was due to the heavy workload of Cosby's defense team, according to USA Today. The trial had originally been scheduled to proceed this fall. The ruling comes after a hearing in which Cosby’s lawyer requested that the judge throw out a recorded phone call as evidence in the case, while prosecutors requested to include the evidence of 13 other women who have made accusations against Cosby to demonstrate a pattern of behavior.
Update: May 24, 2016: The sexual assault case against Bill Cosby will go to trial, The Associated Press reported on Tuesday. At a preliminary hearing held on Tuesday, District Judge Elizabeth McHugh ruled that prosecutors have enough evidence to bring Cosby to trial, and the case will continue. Cosby has been pursuing a dismissal in the charges brought against him for the alleged sexual assault of Andrea Constand in 2005.
In a statement read to the court, Constand described the alleged assault, including the effects of the drugs she claims Cosby dosed her with. “Everything was blurry and dizzy. I felt nauseous,” she said, and described her legs feeling “like jelly.” Cosby says the encounter with Constand was consensual. Cosby’s arraignment has been set for July 20, when a trial date will be set and Cosby will enter a plea. He faces 10 years in prison if convicted.

Update: February 23, 2016:
Bill Cosby’s wife has given evidence for the first time on the accusations of multiple sexual assaults by her husband, according to The Associated Press.
Camille Cosby was deposed on Monday in a defamation case filed against the comedian by seven of the more than 50 women who have accused him of sexual assault. Over the course of seven to eight hours, Ms. Cosby answered questions by the women's lawyers. Joseph Cammarata, a lawyer for one of the alleged victims, told the AP that Ms. Cosby was in a unique position because she has been married to Bill Cosby for more than 50 years and has also served as his business manager. In December, Bill Cosby was brought up on charges of sexually assaulting Andrea Constand, a former Temple University employee. A preliminary hearing in the case is scheduled for March 8. Ms. Cosby has also agreed to return on March 14 to continue her deposition.

Update: February 3, 2016:
A Pennsylvania judge has ruled against Bill Cosby’s request for immunity from prosecution, according to the Associated Press. After a two-day hearing, Common Pleas Judge Steven O’Neill ruled on Wednesday evening that the sex crimes case against Cosby could continue. The actor’s lawyers had claimed that a legal deal made at the time granted Cosby immunity from charges in the 2005 sexual assault of Andrea Constand, which then-District Attorney Bruce Castor chose not to prosecute. Cosby was eventually arrested for the crime in December of 2015. Constand’s lawyer testified at the hearing that she was never told that there was a deal that would provide Cosby with immunity. Additionally, current District Attorney Kevin Steele said that any deal made in 2005 was invalid. “A secret agreement that allows a wealthy defendant to buy his way out of a criminal case isn't right," he was quoted by the AP.
Update: December 30, 2015: Bill Cosby arrived at his arraignment at the small courthouse in Elkins Park, PA, at 2:30 on Wednesday afternoon accompanied by his lawyer. His bail was set at $1 million. He posted the ten percent necessary to be released via wire transfer immediately after the arraignment. The case against Cosby was reopened in July of this year, after documents from Constand’s civil lawsuit were unsealed. An affidavit filed in the case stated that the mother of the alleged victim, Andrea Constand, called Cosby after the assault. According to the document, Cosby confirmed the assault and offered to pay for any counseling or therapy that Constand needed. After the arraignment, Cosby went to the police department to be processed. Protesters from the community waited for him outside. “You’re a monster!” One protester shouted as he entered the station. “Shame on you! You not gonna get away with it anymore!” The preliminary hearing in the case will be Thursday, January 14 at 9:30 AM. Cosby has been ordered not to contact Constand, and he has surrendered his passport. The charges against Cosby have a sentence of 5-10 years in jail or a fine of up to $25,000.
This story was originally published on December 30, 2015.
The Associated Press reports that Bill Cosby, the embattled family comedian who has been accused of a myriad of rapes and sexual assaults, was charged with sexual assault in Philadelphia on Wednesday morning. First Assistant District Attorney Kevin Steele, speaking on behalf of the District Attorney’s office, told the press on Wednesday morning that Cosby had been charged with aggravated indecent assault, a first-degree felony. “Today, after examination of all the evidence, we are able to seek justice on behalf of the victim,” Steele said. Cosby is accused of drugging and violating a woman in his home outside Philadelphia in 2004. Cosby has previously claimed under oath that the encounter was consensual. Steele said that Cosby established a relationship with the alleged victim, Andrea Constand, through her work with Temple University’s basketball team, and she considered him a “mentor and friend.” On an evening in 2004, Cosby allegedly gave Constand several pills and a glass of wine, the effect of which rendered her unable to resist his alleged assault. A previous district attorney declined to prosecute the case. Many of Cosby’s alleged crimes have not been prosecuted because the statute of limitations has run out, preventing a suit from being filed. In Pennsylvania, certain sex crimes have a longer statute of limitations, of up to 12 years. The time limit would have run out for this case in January. Steele stated that although the only charge filed at present is regarding the single 2004 incident, there may have been other assaults, as yet unconfirmed. “There are other alleged victims, and we are examining evidence in that,” he told the press. He also asked that anyone with information about other potential assaults come forward. Cosby’s lawyer has been notified, and Cosby will appear at an arraignment in Montgomery County this afternoon.

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