Ruby Rose Addresses Those Pregnancy Rumblings

Well, here's one way to get the rumor mill in motion. On Monday, Ruby Rose shared a cryptic tweet that could have meant anything, really. "I has news.. But I can't tell you yet," she wrote.
Of course, there was a fairly immediate assumption that the Orange Is the New Black star was foreshadowing a future pregnancy announcement. One follower went so far as to ask the actress outright if she was sporting a baby bump. But Rose quickly set the record straight. "No that's just from Christmas in Australia with the parentals," she shared. (We can definitely identify with that statement.)
It's a little annoying that the first conclusion fans jumped to was that the actress and model, who recently split with fiancée Phoebe Dahl, was expecting a baby. (A similar jump to conclusions occurred earlier this month, when Lena Dunham shared a photo of boyfriend Jack Antonoff's '80s onesie.) Why can't a woman's yet-to-be-revealed news be about something, anything other than her womb? Ruby Rose has plenty else to offer the world. We're sure when she does drop her announcement, anyone who assumed she was about to divulge her reproductive plans will feel pretty silly.

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