30 Things Women Said In 2015 We Want To Embroider On Pillows & Hug Every Day

Photo: Michael Buckner/Variety/REX Shutterstock.
Sometimes famous people say really stupid things. Other times, they say things so smart, moving, and inspirational that we consider taking up needlepointing so we can embroider their statements on pillows that we can hug every day. Or we consider having their words tattooed on our bodies. Or commissioning an Etsy artist to print them on an artfully decorated poster we can hang up somewhere we'll see first thing in the morning. Or simply repeating them over and over in moments of self-doubt. You get the idea.

These quotes are poignant and empowering. They embolden listeners to take action. They can help them through dark times, like when Taylor Swift offers advice to a fan going through a breakup. Rowan Blanchard's words teach millions of impressionable young fans that feminism needs to include everyone, not just privileged white women. Viola Davis' Emmy speech is a powerful reminder that talent continues to exist independently of opportunity, but you cannot win an award for roles that just aren't there.

As we close out 2015, forget about all the other noise and stupidity. Listen to the kick-ass words of these women. Sew them on a pillow — literal or figurative — and give them a tight squeeze.

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