Hear A Surprise Christmas Song By Miley Cyrus

Photo: Gregory Pace/REX Shutterstock.
The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year — well, for some people. For those of you having a less-than-joyous Christmas Day, Miley Cyrus has just the right song. The singer dropped a new single — titled "My Sad Christmas Song" — on Christmas Eve.

Featuring a melancholic tune and spontaneous lyrics, the track chronicles all the feels of someone experiencing Christmas alone. In it, the star also poses an all-important question: "Why bother putting a tree up when there's no one here to see it?"

Recorded with The Flaming Lips, the tune describes family feuds that are all too common around this season. ("My little sister says I'm the Grinch / But my mom thinks I'm just a bitch.") In other words, it's the perfect music to listen to if you're just not feeling the holiday spirit this year. Perhaps the song should have come with a trigger warning for those suffering from seasonal affective disorder or a fresh breakup.

Listen to the pretty ballad below.

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