Jaime King: "I Don't Believe That A Woman Should Have To Hide Her Body"

Over the past few weeks, Star Wars: The Force Awakens mania has all but taken over every facet of the internet. From memes to status updates, everyone is showing off their Star Wars pride. Yesterday, actress, model, and T.Swift squad member Jaime King — who lends her voice to the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars — joined in the fun. King shared a photo of herself on Instagram posing with her newfound collection of Star Wars socks.

The photo grabbed some attention, not only because King revealed that she's a Star Wars fan down to her toes, but because she happened to be posing topless next to her new below-the-knee attire. (Not that it matters, but nothing is revealed, as King appears lying on her stomach.)

While most of the responses were positive, one in particular stuck out with the star. An Instagram user asked her, "Where is your shirt?"

King had the best response possible, writing back, "My shirt is off. Because someone went to take a picture of me and I don't believe that a woman should have to hide her body. It is only sexualized if one puts that energy on it. My body is just a vehicle that I am grateful for. People sexualized the female body but if a man had no shirt on the percentage of sexualization would drop dramatically."

King goes on to tell the commenter, "My parents raised me to be proud and free — that this body is something not to be ashamed of or hide — there is nothing but love and beauty in this pic that was spur of the moment. Peace and love to you this holiday season."

Female empowerment is strong with this one.

@stancesocks making my @starwars dreams come true. This is sooooooooo rad! 👏👏👏

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