Brad Pitt Gets Adorably Gushy About His Marriage To Angelina

Photo: Matt Baron/REX Shutterstock.
Brad Pitt might have the world at his feet as one of Hollywood's biggest stars. But the thing he continues to marvel at is his everyday relationship with wife and collaborator Angelina Jolie. "Certainly the attrition rate of Hollywood couples looms large," the actor recently admitted to The Telegraph. "And I’m surprised how much our history — Angie’s and mine — means to me."

"That we have this story together," he went on. "That we know each other. That we watch each other getting older, through amazing moments, joys, pains."

Pitt didn't stop his sweetly sentimental musings there, either. "You hear people talking about the old ball and chain, and people trying to recapture youth, as if that’s the impulse — but it’s not the impulse, it’s not the impulse at all... But again, there are no books to tell you what year 12 is supposed to be like, and year 14 and year 23 — no guidebooks. What I’m saying is, I’m surprised how much it means to me, how much value I place in it."

Pitt — who may or may not be gunning for a husband-of-the year-award — also opened up about working with his wife on their recent film, By the Sea. While he's previously spoken about some of the challenges of being directed professionally by his romantic partner, he affirmed his belief that Jolie is in her element at the helm of a production.

"I’ve worked with some really great directors, and I’m really choosy about them, because they’re telling the story at the end of the day," Pitt told The Telegraph. "I need to know I’m in good hands, and I trust Angie with my life. I love her instincts. She’s ferocious with a story and she’s really decisive at her post — in command."

That said, their work and home life are not separated — and that's something Pitt seems to have learned to live with and even love. "She’s my wife. There’s no dividing line when the camera’s rolling or when it’s not," he explained. "We’re having the same conversation when we’re making breakfast, when we’re setting the shot, when we’re in the scene or out of the scene. Of course we have our own shorthand: I know immediately if she thought a take smelled. But it’s the same as any good director I’ve worked with in that it’s a matter of trust. I know I’m in good hands."

Just because he's her husband doesn't mean that Jolie allows Pit to slide on certain things, though. "Just don’t be late," he cautioned anyone reading. "She hates it when you’re late."

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