“The Last Message Received” Tumblr Will Break Your Heart

The Last Message Received has caught the internet's attention for its heartbreaking posts. Users submit the last message they got from former friends, ex-partners, and deceased loved ones. The Tumblr was launched by Emily Trunko, a 15-year-old student at Ohio Virtual Academy. "I’ve always been fascinated with glimpses into the lives of other people,” Trunko told BuzzFeed. “I thought that the last message sent before a breakup or before someone passed away would be really poignant.” Trunko previously launched Dear My Blank, a Tumblr where people can write anonymous letters to crushes, exes, or whomever. Her new Tumblr has resonated with many users. Some of the messages are short, some are longer. Some are mean and some are just plain sad. One message is from a guy who tells someone in a text message, "I just can't be seen with someone who looks like you do. No offense lol." Another post simply says, "I hope we can still be friends," from a former flame who just walked out of a fiancé's life forever.
The most heartbreaking posts show the last conversation shared between friends before one of them dies. "I feel sad," one person texted to a friend. They explain in the accompanying note that, "At around 11 pm that night, I felt a wave of sadness wash over me out of nowhere. I highly suspect this is when he died." In a world where texting is the main form of communication for so many people, unfinished conversations like this are all too common. Trunko told BuzzFeed that since creating this Tumblr, she's become more conscious of her own text messages. “Every message I send to them could be the last one I ever exchange," she said. "And every message I receive could be the last one I receive.”

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