The King of Sweden Wants To Ban Baths — But It's For A Really Good Reason

Photo: Stocksolutions / Alamy Stock Photo.
When we think about ways to reduce our carbon footprint, there are a few factors that usually come to mind: using reusable water bottles instead of buying plastic, or using energy-efficient light bulbs. Maybe you've cut down on shower time to reduce water usage, too. But how would you feel if you never had the option to take a bath? Sweden's King Carl XVI Gustaf wants to make that a reality.

The idea of banning baths may seem lighthearted, but King Gustaf doesn't think wasted water is a laughing matter. Ahead of the international climate change talks in Paris next week, the king told Sweden's Svenska Dagbladet that "all bathtubs should be banned."

King Gustaf toldThe Telegraph that he stayed in a room where a tub, and not a shower, was the only option, and he felt "ashamed" for wasting fresh water. He has earned the reputation as being the "green king" for his various stances on climate change in the past. The Huffington Post notes that King Gustaf has already cut back on his meat intake and drives a hybrid car.

The king also said that "the small details that have an enormous effect" in an interview with The Local. Even if you're not a huge fan of taking baths, his statements are a good reminder about climate change — it might seem like your choices don't have global impact, but the choices you make really can make a difference.

At next week's U.N. climate change talks, more than 120 world leaders will attempt to create a pact for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The conference will end on December 11, and 171 countries have already submitted climate plans with their target goals. Even if you're not a national leader, you can take King Gustaf's advice to heart by setting your own goal to reduce water usage, whether or not you're officially banned from taking a bath.

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