Is This Why Taylor Swift Skipped The AMAs?

Photo: Cindy Barrymore/REX Shutterstock.
We knew Taylor Swift was planning to take a break, but we didn't realize she meant it was going to start now.

The pop star raised eyebrows when she skipped out on the American Music Awards for the first time in eight years, despite winning three awards at Sunday's ceremony. She's also been keeping a low profile on social media, and, well, we just don't know what to do with ourselves.

We may not need to issue an Amazing Amy-style missing-persons report just yet. According to The Guardian, sources in New Zealand have confirmed that the singer flew to Auckland on Saturday ahead of this weekend's concert in Sydney. Reports vary, but a comical assortment of Swift sightings has her chatting up a baby on the plane, filming on the beach, and basically sending everyone into a tizzy.

The general consensus, however, is that Swift is in NZ to shoot a music video, presumably for "Out of the Woods." We can only hope that resident Kiwi Lorde makes an cameo, and that the All Blacks join the Swift squad. Wish we were there, Tay.


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