Chrissy Teigen Responds To Those Tyra Feud Rumors

Photo: Andreas Branch/Variety/REX Shutterstock.
When Tyra Banks announced last week that she was leaving her own talk show, the rumor mill started to churn.

Though the former supermodel released a statement saying that the shift in course came because she wants to focus on her eponymous cosmetics line, that didn't stop speculations about other reasons that Banks might be making such a hasty departure.

After all, FABLife only launched in September 2015. Short run, right? Maybe it's the ratings, some said — or maybe it's the fact that she and Chrissy Teigen are in a major feud.

But Teigen put an end to that last line of thought by pointing out a very obvious fact of workplace hierarchy.

"I dunno if you guys know how bosses work," the Lip Sync Battle star wrote on Twitter, "but if Tyra and I were fighting as hard as you're saying, I would be the one off the show."

Makes sense to us: It's not Chrissy Presents FABLife. It's Tyra Presents FABLife. If these women were embroiled in a battle, it's pretty clear who would have the upper hand.


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