How To Get From L.A. To San Diego For Only $6

Photo: Courtesy Toyota.
Maybe we're getting tired of the daily Uber expenditures, or maybe we actually have jobs that let us save up some hard-earned cash. Whatever the reason, millennials have, somewhat surprisingly, started buying cars in record numbers. With that in mind, we at Refinery29 thought it would be helpful to periodically check out vehicles that you might be interested in buying: options that are fun, filled with personality, and that fit your lifestyle.

SUVs and station wagons
tend to be the preferred models for millennial buyers, but there's a reason for that. More eco-friendly sedans are either cost-prohibitive or just not that fun to drive. That's about to change, though. The next-generation Toyota Prius, which goes on sale in January, is more powerful, more efficient, and a lot better-looking than its predecessors.

Since launching stateside in 2000, the Prius managed to become the best-selling hybrid in U.S. auto history — and a staple in celebrity garages. From the get-go, stars from Cameron Diaz to Larry David to Rachel Bilson cruised Hollywood in the tree-hugging status symbol, flaunting their early-adopter credentials. But why might the fourth-generation Prius deserve a place in your garage? We investigate ahead.

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