What Does This Cryptic Kylie Jenner Instagram Mean?

Kylie Jenner has released a semi-cryptic Instagram of the Calabasas sunset set to Bryson Tiller’s “Overtime.” The video starts on the horizon before switching perspectives to show Kylie, unsmiling, raising her hand above her head in triumph. The lyrics in the short video:

“Now I done caught feelings worth more than millions/And I feel it, you hurting and I'm healing/Girl that n---a ain't worth it, I know you hear me.”

A video posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

The post comes after Jenner's rumored split with rapper Tyga on his 26th birthday. Which leaves us wondering if these lyrics might have another meaning. Or was Kylie simply posting a video of herself looking at a sunset while listening to one of her favorite songs? This latest Instagram comes just hours she posted a very glam portrait of herself. Tyga, for his part, has only posted birthday-related media to his social platforms. He’s just enjoying his birthday. Who knows what really happened. We’re just looking for social media crumbs, like everyone else. Either way, this song by Bryson Tiller is about to become really, really famous.

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