Rose McGowan, Perpetual Badass, Shaves Her Head

A photo posted by Rose McGowan (@rosemcgowan) on

I have always fantasized about shaving my head in order to save precious time in the morning. Alas, I have a half dozen huge, lumpy beauty marks in residence on my scalp, and that keeps me from taking the plunge. Well, that and the fact that Rose McGowan just shaved her head, and I now know that I will never, ever look as badass as she does. The former Charmed actress showed off her new 'do on Instagram, and it is everything. The reason behind her buzz? She just didn't want the hair anymore, according to the caption on the video she posted of her hairdresser getting to work. McGowan has already nailed two major looks with her crop: deep, wine-colored lipstick and massive chandelier earrings. It's almost rude how good she looks. And for all the folks out there who don't appreciate the buzz cut, McGowan has some words: "Short hair, don't care," she captioned her pic. "Honestly, it's liberating." You keep doing the damn thing, Rose. Do it for us lumpy-headed girls who won't take the plunge. We appreciate you.

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