Liam Hemsworth Looks Very Cuddly In His Panda Onesie

Liam Hemsworth visited China recently, and it seems the actor left the country with a major love for our favorite black-and-white bears. Not only did he sport a panda hood while carrying Jennifer Lawrence's bag during a walk along the Great Wall, now he's got an adorable ursine-themed onesie to match. The actor put in a morning appearance — in a pair of jammies, no less — on Live! with Kelly and Michael on Wednesday. The Mockingjay - Part 2 star confessed that while he didn't pick out this particular onesie, he would definitely wear it. When Kelly pressed him on what he actually wears to bed, Hemsworth admitted that he's generally a lot less clothed when he hits the hay. "To be honest, I don't wear a lot when I go to sleep," he explained. "Very, very little. I like to just be free." Duly noted. Here's the clip of him talking about his bedclothes habits, for any interested parties.
He also talked about the final Hunger Games film and the separation anxiety between cast members. But if we're being really honest, we kind of tuned that part out. His footie pajamas stole the show.

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