Can This New “Uptown Funk” Mashup With Hollywood Classics Beat The Last One?

Has it been too long since you've had "Uptown Funk" stuck in your head? Good, because here's another viral video that proves a) the song is insanely catchy, and b) anyone, anywhere can dance to it. Inspired by September's 100-movie mashup (Dirty Dancing, 500 Days of Summer, etc), Nerd Fest in the U.K. decided to do its own version — but by going old school. Some 66 classic Hollywood films were edited together, so it looks like, yes, even Fred Astaire jammed out to Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. Some highlights? The insane split-ridden tap-dance scene in Stormy Weather (especially at the 4:20 mark):
The Singin' in the Rain living-room routine (seen at the 2:20 mark):
And, of course, Fred Astaire in 1946's Blue Skies (seen at 3:20):
Watch below for all the tap, jazz, and splits, all perfectly syncing up to "Uptown Funk." And then watch the older version (in all its Dirty Dancing glory) right here.

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