Kendall Jenner Downplays Fight With Sister Kylie

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Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans can be forgiven for thinking that Kendall and Kylie were temporarily on the outs after the two had a blowout fight on Sunday’s premiere.

The background: The sisters are on the way to Caitlyn’s ESPY awards show when Kylie tells Kendall not to borrow her dress or any other clothing. Kendall, perturbed, calls her sister “the biggest fucking bitch [she’s] ever met” before apologizing to Kylie’s dog that Kylie is “such a” c-word.

Even on the episode, Kendall downplayed the seriousness of the argument.

"It's just annoying because this night is already stressful as it is and I really want to just show that we support our dad,” she said in her taped confessional. “So we don't need to be fighting over outfits. I mean, maybe that's why we're fighting over something so stupid... Sisters."


Kendall must not have thought that was enough because she took to her app and website to further dispel rumors of a rift.

“Now, we'll occasionally argue with each other and say horrible things, but definitely not on the level that it used to be, lol," Kendall wrote. "We've always remained close, but over the years the two of us have just matured.”

Sounds pretty much like siblings to me. One second you’re screaming at your brother that he doesn’t know how to park and that this is why nobody will ever love him and the next you’re eating ice cream talking about what to get dad for his birthday.

They looked fine on the red carpet, so we doubt the fight even lasted as long as it took to get to the limo. That’s the thing about family — you have to have a short term memory or they’ll drive you completely insane.

The Season 11 trailer showcases some more potential drama, as Kylie’s boyfriend Tyga joins the Kardashians on vacation.


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