Kirsten Dunst Gets Real About Getting Paid

Photo: Courtesy of Net-A-Porter.
Being an actress may seem super-glam to us commoners, but according to a recent interview with Kirsten Dunst, it's not always so glitzy when it comes to the cash. The 33-year-old's most lucrative roles aren't the ones she plays on film or television, but the ones she has at beauty brands. In a conversation with Net-A-Porter's The Edit magazine, Dunst — who is currently starring in a TV series inspired by the movie Fargo — expresses her interest in doing more off-kilter projects, as opposed to major blockbusters. She says she would rather take some time off than sign on for a project she's not passionate about. “Most things are crap, and it’s not like I get all the best roles,” she admits. “So you just have to wait.” Of course, her gravitation toward independent films comes with a financial sacrifice. So Dunst supplements her pay by teaming up with beauty brands, she tells The Edit. “To be an independent artist, the only way you really make money is by getting a beauty campaign... Thank God; they’re the reason why I can do my art.” Dunst — named the first-ever global spokesperson for L’Oréal Professionnel last year, and the face of Bulgari's Mon Jasmin Noir perfume in 2011 — adds that she has had to contribute to a glam team for smaller movies, because studios can't afford to (or won't) pay for one. While being able to land a beauty campaign is glam in itself, it's disappointing to know that it's one of the main forms of income for actresses who want to steer clear of action movies and focus on films they find important. Who knows if Dunst, or any actress in a beauty campaign, does it solely for the paycheck (maybe some really love the products?) — but, who are we kidding, it's likely a major factor. She wants the cash; the brand wants the face. Such is the way the industry works, and who are we to knock its hustle? Head over to The Edit to read what Dunst has to say about female directors in Hollywood, having children, and staying out of the limelight.

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