Justin Bobby Says Spencer Was The “Realest” Person On The Hills

Photo: Gregg DeGuire/ Getty Images.
You probably never watched The Hills for its #realness. But if you ever wanted to know which character person was "the realest" on the fake reality show, a former cast member just spilled the beans. In an interview with Complex, Justin "Bobby" Brescia, also known as resident bad boy and heartbreaker on The Hills, talked about his new life in the hairstyling industry. He also made two totally unexpected revelations. "Spencer Pratt actually just hit us up about a month ago. He’s always giving love. He’s kind of one of my favorite people that I worked with," Justin Bobby told Complex. Who would have guessed that, out of all the people on The Hills — including his former flame Audrina — Justin Bobby would be hanging out with Spencer Pratt years later? But that's not even the craziest part. Justin Bobby also thinks that Spencer was the only person keeping it real on the show.
"He was just the realest," Justin Bobby said. "It was in-your-face and aggressive, but every time I was with him, sitting with him, he was just speaking a lot of truth and you can’t really fuck with someone who’s speaking truth." Not quite sure what Justin Bobby's definition of truth is (it probably involves wearing combat boots to the beach), but apparently Spencer is all about it. During the last few years, Spencer has faded from the public eye. But he was best known for his relationship with Heidi Montag — famously dubbed "Speidi." He recently made news when he told Complex that during his made-for-TV feud with Lauren Conrad, he leaked a story about an alleged sex tape. So maybe Justin Bobby was right. While we were all rooting for down-to-earth L.C., we missed the fact that Spencer Pratt was the realest of them all. Way to drop some truth on us all, Justin Bobby! After all, truth and time tells all, right?

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