Angry Christian Ambushes Katy Perry’s Dad For Having A “Satanic” Daughter

Photo: MediaPunch/REX Shutterstock.
Lots of people don't like Katy Perry's music. And that's fine — to each their own. But typically, people show their distaste for an artist by boycotting an album or writing a strongly worded tweet, not by confronting the singer's parents. But that's what happened to Katy Perry's dad, Keith Hudson. He was ambushed by an angry Christian woman who told him his child was "satanic." "Do you know that she is one of the most wicked people? She is a satanic woman who has led millions to hell," the woman shouted. The entire exchange was caught on camera. In a video that's over 2 minutes long, a woman named Christine Weick chastises Perry's father for having "a girl that walks with Satan" and letting his daughter take him to "hell right along with her." It's fairly well known that Katy Perry is the daughter of evangelical Christian ministers and actually started her career as a Christian singer. Perry's father has even denounced his daughter's exploits in sermons, once saying that she was a "devil child," according to the Huffington Post. In this video, Hudson tried to tell the woman to look at herself before judging him, adding "I have nothing to do with that." The woman then claims that she has no contact with her son because he has "walked away from the Lord." She also blames personally Katy Perry for making her son so darn "wicked." "God is angry with the wicked every day, and your daughter is wicked," was her last jab before the poorly filmed video is cut off. In times like this, when our own children abandon their faith to watch Katy Perry's "satanic" music videos, perahps it's best to let Jesus take the wheel.

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