Ugh, Shia LaBeouf Will Binge-Watch Shia LaBeouf Movies For 3 Days

Photo: Venturelli/WireImage.
Just when you thought Shia LaBeouf had reached peak Shia LaBeouf, he proves you wrong. His newest annoying feat? Watching all of his movies for three days as "performance art." At this very moment, Shia LaBeouf is sitting in the dark, in a seat at the Angelika Film Center in New York City, watching all of his movies in reverse chronological order. Apparently, this will take three days. That's not even the most ridiculous part: LaBeouf plans to document the entire thing for a project called #ALLMYMOVIES, which he will include in his art collective, LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner.

The full list of movies was shared on Twitter by a Gothamist reader.
The good news is Shia is screening the Even Stevens Movie. The bad news: He's not screening Holes until Thursday. Even worse news: You'll have to sit through BOTH volumes of Nymphomaniac! And, the news that will secure how much you hate Shia LaBeouf forever: You'll also have to sit through Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of Crystal Skull. You can watch the entire thing live right here, or you can join LaBeouf in the theater for free. There's already lots of people there. Some are waiting in line just to grab a seat. And you could be one of them! Just spending hours of your life watching your childhood crush on-screen, all while sitting right next to the real-life crazy person he's become.

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