Kylie Jenner’s “Glam Room” Is Stocked With Wigs, Crystals & So Much More

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We've already gotten a glimpse of Kylie Jenner's beloved beauty collection, thanks to an interview with her in The New York Times, a few Instagram posts, and a couple of Snapchats. But now, the youngest Jenner has granted us access to where all the beauty magic happens: what she dubs her "glam room." In an exclusive video posted on her website, the 18-year-old gives fans (who must either be paid subscribers or on a free-trial membership, mind you) a virtual tour of the place where she says she spends most of her time. Spoiler: It only takes a couple of seconds to see why it's such a coveted room. And in case you don't want to shell out to see it for yourself, we'll break it down for you. Jenner starts by showing off the space's design. The walls are covered in mirrors (an idea she stole from her older sister Khloé); there's a vanity with a large beauty light that, of course, also holds your phone for the perfect selfie; a quartz crystal (for "good energy," she says); and, naturally, drawers upon drawers of makeup. Next up, she confirms what most of us already know to be true: Most of the many hair changes she debuted over the past year were courtesy of wigs — some of which she displays for our viewing pleasure. There's the fashion-forward fringe she wore for the VMAs; the green, mermaid-like hairpiece she wore at both the Sugar Factory grand opening and the Chris Brown and Tyga concert (you know, the one that almost got snatched off her head, as she reminds us); the blue one she donned for a hot minute; and the blond version she rocked for her birthday. She finishes the tour with a peek into the bathroom, which includes a $6,000, glow-in-the-dark sink, snakeskin walls, and a mirror she got from Kourtney. What we didn't see? Where she's been hiding that much-anticipated Lip Kit. We're sure that video's on its way, though.

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