Could You Find Your Way Out Of This Maze?

Photo: Courtesy of Sophie Maertens.
This is one attraction Up fans won't want to miss. Balloon lovers in Belgium have breathed life into a giant maze made of, you guessed it, 100,000 balloons. At 6,000 square feet, organizers say it's the biggest labyrinth ever made with balloons. The inflatable maze, on display at the Millennium Jam festival in Belgium, was the brainchild of Didier Dvorak, a balloon artist and enthusiast from Switzerland. "He thought it would be cool to create a giant maze, so he contacted several people from all over the world to create a team," co-creator Sophie Maertens told Refinery29. Getting that idea off the ground took five years. An American company called Qualatex provided the roughly 100,000 balloons used to build the maze, which features five secret rooms and quirky balloon art. A team of 25 people spent 1,000 hours blowing up those orbs, working shifts of 10 hours a day, Maertens said. (Remarkably, very few popped during the process, she said.) More than 1,000 balloon lovers, hailing from all over the world, are expected to explore the maze during the four-day festival. But navigating the completed labyrinth is no easy feat, even for the creators. "We did get lost a few time in the maze while working on it…and I must admit there is one room that I still can’t find without the help of the map," Maertens, who is from Belgium, said. As for why they chose the eye-popping orange hue for the balloons? They matched co-creator Dvorak's glasses. Watch a time-lapse video of the maze coming together below:

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