Prepare To Save Big Money At Whole Foods — Seriously!

Photo: Courtesy of Whole Foods.
The latest news from Whole Foods has us doing our happy dance. While we're accustomed to calling the supermarket chain "Whole Paycheck," the term might not apply for much longer; the chain is making an effort to lower prices. Yes, LOWER PRICES. Weirdly, the reason Whole Foods is going to get cheaper is because of declining sales. Business Insider reports that the company's sales for newer stores declined last quarter for the first time since 2009. Lucky for us, Whole Foods is going to be offering a bunch of discounts as a result. While overall prices won't decrease, customers will be able to access lower prices from these promotions. These will include things like our favorite coffee promotion as well as more straightforward sales on produce, fish, and meats. "We don't think there's anything we can do immediately except increase promotional activity to drive sales," explained CEO John Mackey in an earnings call. And, hey, that's totally fine by us! Want more R29 Food?
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