Charming Where’s Waldo? Impersonator Is Popping Up All Over England

If at any point during the last few decades you were a child, or interacted with children, or just loved finely-detailed illustrated picture books, then you're probably familiar with the Where's Waldo? series. Also called Where's Wally?, these books were fixtures within many a household and classroom, and encouraged kids to look for the little man in the red and white striped sweater and matching hat. At some point though, you might have forgotten about ol' Wally. Maybe you let the books collect dust, while dressing up as the character for a last minute hipster Halloween ensemble. (Don't worry, we've all been there once or twice.) But great news! Wally has received an unofficial reboot, courtesy of a 23-year-old English blogger who is dressing up in the signature ensemble and taking pictures of himself all over the country. Spoiler: It is adorable and will make you feel all the nostalgia warm fuzzies. For example, here is Wally peeking at a deer.
Here is Wally frolicking in a field.
Here is Wally scouting beach cottages.
Here is Wally snuggling up with a lady at the shore.
Here is Wally being a bike lane rebel.
Here is Wally eating all the cereal.
Here is Wally not at all camouflaged.
And, not last or least, here is Wally almost blending in.
There are plenty more Wally spottings where those came from. Check out the entire @WallyFound account over on Instagram!

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