Why Are Halle Berry’s Ex-Husbands Ganging Up On Her?

As if Halle Berry didn't have enough to deal with — considering her just-announced split from husband Olivier Martinez — now, her two ex-husbands are piling on the drama. Berry and Martinez announced they were filing for divorce last week, and the actress' first husband, former baseball star David Justice, has wasted no time in adding his two cents. Justice, who was married to the Oscar winner from 1992 to 1997, posted several tweets defending himself against accusations that he abused her during their marriage. At the time, Berry had filed a restraining order against the sports star.
Justice also tweeted warnings to Martinez about Berry's exes being portrayed as "the worst guys in history," though those have since been deleted. He also deleted tweets suggesting that it was actor Wesley Snipes who hit Berry, but did keep up retweets in which supporters made the same claim against Snipes. Perhaps he's worried about getting sued? Justice also retweeted a fan's note that he was "better off without her." Another supporter standing in Justice's corner? None other than singer Eric Benét , who was married to Berry from 2001 to 2005.
Clearly, there's no love lost there, either. Way to kick someone when she's down, guys. It's of course understandable that Justice, who doesn't really cite an instance in which Berry clears him from the incident, would want to clear his name. Yet, his timing and tone seem suspect. Why wait nearly 20 years? Why do it so publicly, on Twitter of all places? Why include potshots at Berry and write notes that seem to be making light of the situation? Who knows the full story, although one thing is certain: Divorce is not fun, and having your exes chime in is so unnecessary. Ever heard of taking the high road?
OPENER IMAGE: Chelsea Lauren/Variety/REX Shutterstock.

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