Exclusive: Ellie Goulding Shares Lyrics For New Album, Delirium

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It's been a huge week for Ellie Goulding. Yesterday it was announced that the British singer would be replacing Rihanna as a performer in this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. On Friday, she'll release her third studio album, Delirium. The lead single, "On My Mind," has already been hitting the airwaves, as have "Army" and "Love Me Like You Do," but, hey, we thought you might want to hear a bit more. Goulding is exclusively sharing the lyrics for every Delirium track with Genius, complete with an annotated video in which she goes into detail about her inspirations and favorite songs. "I think probably one of my favorite lyrics is: ‘I have always had a thing for silence / but lately I just need a voice I recognize / It is a perfect time to scream it out,’" the pop star says in the video below. "It summed up a time in my life where I needed to recognize not being okay and then just communicating it and getting through it. I think it is definitely one of the more anthemic songs on the album." In addition to revealing the muses behind songs like "Army" and "Devotion," Goulding also explains what she's trying to say with this latest album. "Delirium is probably the strongest thing I have done so far," she shares with Genius. "I chose the people that I wanted to work with; it’s more of a commitment to who I am as an artist. I make pop music. I feel like Delirium is the most positive thing I have done, the most spirited, fun, and energetic. "It’s an album that I have come up with over the past few years, one that I intend to play live for a long time. So I think that the energy of it reflects that. But it is also all my influences rolled into one. It’s got my classical influences, my folk influences, and especially electronic. I have such an affinity for electronic music, and I think it reflects that. I also explored my voice. My voice is my very special instrument. I feel sometimes I can do anything with it. Delirium is kind of that freedom. It is the album I have had the most freedom on but also the album that I have constructed the most carefully... I crafted it for the past year or so." Watch the video below, and head over to Genius to get every song lyric in full.

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