A Legendary Astrologist Divines The Best Perfume For You

Illustrated by Mary Galloway.
Close your eyes, steady your breath, and think back to the first perfume you ever loved. And I mean, the one you loved so much that you could never imagine wearing another. Chances are you still have strong feelings about it today, whether it's still in your rotation or you bid a sad adieu to it long ago.

Now close your eyes again, steady your breath, and think back to the first lip color you ever loved. They're not even in the same ballpark, are they? As you probably knew long before we did this exercise, scent is the sense most closely aligned with memory. Which is probably why many of us put so much importance on how we smell. So much so that even the stars have something to say about it.

In the world of astrology, everything is ruled by planets — including the flowers, plants, herbs, and what have you that go into creating the perfumes that warm, enliven, and melt our hearts. And no one knows more about the subject than Lynne Palmer.

At 83 years old, Palmer is one of the most esteemed astrologers working today, with an annually published almanac, a career spanning 59 years, and the spiritual trust of Hollywood, both old and new. (Her first clients — and some of her best buds — were Frank Sinatra, Mia Farrow, Johnny Carson, and many more.)

To satisfy our curiosity, and maybe even find a new favorite scent, we asked Palmer to walk us through the essences that are linked to the different zodiac signs. It turns out that calling upon your astrological fragrance notes can do magical things for your life.

Intrigued? Take another deep breath, and get ready for a fragrance horoscope created just for Refinery29.
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Illustrated by Mary Galloway.
"Aries are always ready for action, and they require a lot of activity because they love adventure!" says Palmer. "Green fragrances, like those with notes of green leaves, vines, and woodsy moss, alongside citrusy notes, bring out their impetuous personality and the sportiness of their pioneering spirit. When they wear these scents, they feel a sense of adventure and it makes them bubbly and vivacious. These scents remind them of the great outdoors and exploring new realms, which helps them to conquer their secret ambitions."

Notes: Green leaves, vines, woodsy moss, citrus
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The just released Magnolia captures the key elements of Palmer's suggestions: dewy greens, pink grapefruit, and oak moss. These notes are rounded out with rose, musk, and eucalyptus.
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Cult-favorite line CDG's offering takes a Far East-inspired approach: It features orange, mandarin, patchouli, vetiver, and Chinese cedar.
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DKNY's Be Desired offers a hit of orange oil, iced grapefruit, and violet leaves, making it super-fresh.
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Illustrated by Mary Galloway.
"A Taurus' best scent is a floral bouquet that contains rose or fruity scents, and something green, like vetiver, a grass that has aromatic roots. Taurus is down-to-earth and old-fashioned, but also sensuous. It’s not a sexy sign like Scorpio, but it is sensuous, and when a floral perfume is balanced with an earthy base, like musk or amber, it gives them a romantic feeling. A Taurus longs for rolling hills, quiet countrysides, and at night, a romantic mate they can enchant. When they wear these scents, they can marvel at the beauty of nature and be irresistible to their lover."

Notes: Floral bouquets with fruity and green notes, vetiver, amber, musk
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Tory Burch's floral bouquet of rose, tuberose, and jasminum sambac is rooted in a blend of cedar and sandalwood.
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The roses steal the show in Chloé's popular scent, but it's perfect for Taurus thanks to white musk and amber.
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Philosophy's Celebrate Grace is a floral blend of lavender, water lily, freesia, white rose, and peony, which are given a solid foundation of musk and sandalwood.
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Illustrated by Mary Galloway.
"A Gemini’s personality is changeable, from a mental standpoint. Since they have a dual personality, the Gemini may prefer single-floral fragrances like rose, honeysuckle, violet, lavender, sandalwood, and lilac, or fragrances with many notes of woods, moss, or spice. They’re two people, and you never know which twin will emerge. When they wear one of these scents, it brings out the witty, adaptable, and versatile sides of their personality, which makes them sparkle! Just apply a little perfume and you can expect anything and everything from a Gemini."

Notes: Rose, honeysuckle, violet, lavender, sandalwood, and lilac; blends that are woodsy, mossy, or spicy
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For a truly singular scent, look to Demeter's soothing Lavender spray.
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For something with lots of depth, but still a focus on a single note, look to Do Son. The complex notes line up to complement the star: tuberose.
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To appease the other side of your personality, may we suggest the spicy, oriental notes of Tom Ford's heady blend?
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Illustrated by Mary Galloway.
"A Cancer’s personality is changeable from an emotional standpoint, because it’s a very sensitive sign. The reason they like the single-floral notes, like rose, honeysuckle, and violet, is that they can put them into a romantic mood and make them feel nostalgic, which they like. Gardenia and jasmine scents are also very good for Cancer, as they can bring out their passionate and whimsical nature. When they wear these scents, they have a feeling of being uplifted and invigorated — which helps Cancer capture their loved one’s attention!"

Notes: Rose, honeysuckle, violet, gardenia, jasmine
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If your rising sign has you craving a scent with a little more spice to it, consider this Serge Lutens offering. The full, floral bouquet is peppered with clove and musk.
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This explosion of floral notes hits many of the notes that bring Cancer so much joy: gardenia and jasmine, plus apricot flower.
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A sweet and delicate blend of grapefruit, jasmine, and white musk, Chanel's modern fragrance just might inspire a Cancer's passionate side.
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Illustrated by Mary Galloway.
"Leo likes fruity and citrus fragrances, like peach, lemon, lime, and orange blossoms, and scents like sandalwood and patchouli. Wearing these fragrances makes them feel powerful. But they also like scents that have a little bit of spice with their fruits, which brings out their sensuality and gives them attention — and they love attention. Leo likes to bask in the limelight, and when they wear these perfumes they feel at ease, which makes them irresistible and allows them to show off a little."

Notes: Peach, lemon, lime, orange blossoms, sandalwood, patchouli
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From cult-favorite brand Byredo, Gypsy Water has many of Leo's favorite notes, such as bergamot, lemon, and sandalwood.
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Coeur de Jardin is like a checklist for all the scents Leo loves: bergamot, lemon, peach, and patchouli.
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For the Leo who has a spicy side, this blend of orange, cedar, and patchouli has an edge, thanks to notes of coffee and wood.
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Illustrated by Mary Galloway.
"Virgos prefer fresh, crisp scents, which represent their sign, but they can be sensuous at the same time. They have a down-to-earth sensuality, but when they wear perfume with woodsy and mossy notes alongside white flowers, they find themselves professionally vital! These scents also bring out their smoldering sexuality and effervescence, which normally lies deep in their prime façade."

Notes: Moss, cedar, rosewood, tomato leaves, white flowers
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Korres' floral fragrance is crisp and clean, thanks to white tea, bergamot, and freesia. It has an earthy base, courtesy of neroli, cedar wood, and moss.
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Not into all the green notes? This Jo Malone scent lets the orange blossom and water lily shine, then roots them in balsamic vetiver.
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As the name implies, this pick is fresh, fresh, fresh, thanks to lilac leaves, bergamot, warm orange, sparkling moss, and cypress.
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Illustrated by Mary Galloway.
"Libra is a sign of love and romance. Sometimes, a beautiful multitude of flowers with citrus is good, but they should also be open to musk and other sensuous essences found in oriental perfumes, which can bring out their beauty. When Libra wears these fragrances, their charm, elegance, and sophistication add a mystery to their allure. They become vampy, exciting, seductive, enchanting, bewitching, and sexy! When they wear sensuous essences, they can feel a rhapsodic moment of love for their sweethearts and can hold them spellbound."

Notes: Floral bouquets, citrus, orchid, rose, amber, musk, civet, ambergris
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For a floral scent with depth, try Romance. The tangerine, freesia, marigold, rose, lily, and violet are tempered with exotic woods and patchouli.
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Flowerbomb's explosion of floral notes could have been a bit too much for Libras, but a hit of patchouli deepens it to perfection.
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Kenzo's classic perfume is a sensual blend of Bulgarian rose and Parma violet, and has hints of vanilla and white musk for a little complexity.
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Illustrated by Mary Galloway.
"The Scorpio likes to leave their lover spellbound, so they like oriental and spicy notes. They can really do that to people, as Scorpio is the most sexual sign of the zodiac. They like the heady and sexy notes, but when they wear those with blackcurrant, coriander, iris, chocolate, and orange blossoms, it brings out their sexuality and really reads like a magic spell. These notes bring out their magnetism — it’s like an aphrodisiac that helps them spin their lover into a web of eroticism."

Notes: Amber, patchouli, musk, blackcurrant, coriander, iris, chocolate, orange blossoms
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Sparkling iris gives patchouli the Scorpio treatment in this scent.
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Who does woodsy and sexy better than Tom Ford? No one, that's who. The famous Black Orchid is a Scorpio dream, thanks to the addition of blackcurrant, iris, plum, coconut, cinnamon, and vanilla.
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This sexy scent from Kiehl's is given complexity with the addition of orange blossom, rose, and neroli.
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Illustrated by Mary Galloway.
"As an adventurous and outdoor sign, Sagittarius loves camping, traveling, and playing sports. They gravitate toward fruity and green fragrances. But forget-me-not, pink peppercorn, or orange blossom mixed with patchouli is a blend that truly arouses their sense of the outdoors, of having fun and being close to the ones they love. They should wear these scents to bring out the instinctual feeling of adventure."

Notes: Fresh-cut grass, lemon, vines, orange blossoms, pink peppercorns, forget-me-not
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It's not just a gorgeous bottle — this Nest fragrance has notes perfect for Sagittarius: dewy daffodils, peony, rose, and garden vines.
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Call upon all the outdoors has to offer with this blend of grapefruit, grape flowers, aqueous sap, hawthorn flowers, pink pepper, white rose, and cedar.
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To feel like you're among gently rolling hills, close your eyes and take a deep breath of this beauty. It's full of lush, green accords, sparkling freesia, cashmere woods, and white amber.
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Illustrated by Mary Galloway.
"Capricorn is a very serious sign. They’re ambitious, stable, and want to get to the top of the ladder in life. They can be sensuous, tantalizing, and full of smoldering passion, but not many people see that because they appear so cool and collected. Woodsy and mossy fragrances are good for them, as well as crisp and clean scents. When they wear essences like patchouli, firewood, black currant, Bulgarian rose, Egyptian jasmine, and iris butter, it helps them hide their hidden desires and continue to keep their cool so they can get to the top."

Notes: Patchouli, firewood, blackcurrant, Bulgarian rose, Egyptian jasmine, iris butter
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Climbing the social ladder is easy with this blend of patchouli, rose, jasmine, and blackcurrant.
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Prada's classic scent is packed with rose and patchouli.
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Its blend of tangerine, pink pepper, blackcurrant, iris pallida, patchouli, and white amber gives Atelier Cologne's Silver Iris a romantic and complex quality.
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Illustrated by Mary Galloway.
"Aquarius likes the unusual in life — they don’t conform to other people, they’re independent, and they like to do their own thing. Wearing scents that are fresh, but not formal (like flowers with spice) gives them the kind of spirit that caters to their unpredictable whims and brings out their individuality and independent nature. They like to indulge in new things in life, which can deliver a hypnotic effect to other people. It’s already a brilliant sign, but wearing modern fragrances allows their personalities to sparkle and makes them even more magnetic."

Notes: Orange blossoms, sandalwood, jasmine, ylang-ylang
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We're not sure if Carven's scent was made for Aquarius or it's just a lucky coincidence, but the standout notes are mandarin blossom, jasmine, ylang-ylang, and white sandalwood — a perfect match.
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The Aquarius who loves orange scents can get double the sparkling qualities in Tocca's Stella — it has bitter orange and blood orange, plus a hit of sandalwood.
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Gucci swapped out the jasmine for Casablanca lily — but kept Italian bergamot, ylang-ylang, and sandalwood — in this fresh and complex scent.
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Illustrated by Mary Galloway.
"Pisces is a magical sign, which makes them like flowers with spice. They like to dream, and this mix makes them dream away! Ylang-ylang, cassis, jasmine, and gardenia are all notes for Pisces, plus sultry herbs and scents. Pisces is one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac, and when they wear these intoxicating fragrances they evoke images that may satisfy their desire to be mysterious, alluring, and playfully provocative. These scents bring out the soul of a poet, and make them feel heavenly and seductive."

Notes: Floral bouquets, cinnamon, lily of the valley, olive, cassis, amber, cedar
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Wish yourself away to dreamland, beautiful Pisces, with this mix of peony, lily of the valley, and tender musk. (Plus, it's Olsen-twin-approved!)
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This inviting scent of grapefruit, mandarin orange, cedar, cypress, olive blossom, and vanilla is just like you: mysterious, alluring, and playfully provocative.
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Wood, amber, and musk blend with notes like cherry and freesia in this delightful scent.
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