Are These The Tattoos Of The Future?

Considering getting a tattoo and are a little gun-shy? Well, there's a new technology that projects ink onto your skin without the permanence — and it's pretty mesmerizing. With the use of a projector, bare skin can look as if it's covered in intricate designs, and ink that already exists can come to life. In the video above, one girl's Salvador Dali tattoo wiggles its mustache and winks. The technology, called projection mapping, is a pretty rad development that allows images to be cast onto an "irregular object," like the human body. It's actually the same high-tech voodoo that was used in the incredible makeup transformation video we geeked out over last year. So is the future of makeup and body art going to require walking around with a personal projector? Probably not, but this technology would be killer in the realm of live performance. Instead of using prosthetics and intense makeup, we could just project these details and call it a day. Watch the video above, and prepare to be transfixed.

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