Texans Share Shocking Photos Of Floods

Six people have been reported dead and two are missing as intense floods and winds continue to wreak havoc throughout south-central Texas. Between four and seven inches of rain has fallen since the intense rain began on October 30. More than 90 water rescues have been conducted by the Houston Fire Department and some of the flooded areas are also experiencing tornadoes.

Larger metropolises, like Houston and Austin, are suffering as the heavy rains have halted public transportation and flooded roadways. Houston's light rail system, which runs 23 miles, suspended service because of the intense rainfall, according to the Associated Press. In addition to the transportation worries, the National Weather Service estimates more than 44,000 people are without power.

This natural disaster is a nightmare for those involved, including Kerry Packer. Packer sent his wife, Cecilia, a video of his car being flooded and swept away in Austin. He was forced to climb a tree in order to escape the flood's wrath. He was rescued four hours later and has shared the harrowing video with KVUE, an NBC station in Austin.

Packer isn't the only resident of Texas capturing photos and videos of the carnage. The devastation from the flash floods is unimaginable to some, but for residents sharing photos and videos on social media, it is all too real.

Several of the same areas experiencing flooding are still recovering from the downpour that descended while Hurricane Patricia passed through last week. What's worse is this isn't the last of the rain. Meteorologists expect the storm to continue throughout the weekend.

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