Lena Dunham’s #TBT: A Bikini Photo Her Crush Ignored

Throwback Thursday photos normally fall into a few broad categories. There's the cute childhood photo, a moment of awkward adolescence, or the fairly recent — but important — piece of personal history. Lena Dunham, always the boundary pusher, has strayed from the usual and used Instagram's most nostalgic day of the week to post a bikini pic she sent to a crush way back in 2010.
"#tbt to summer 2010 when I forced my mom to take a photo of me that I could 'casually' text to the dude I liked. He didn't respond so now I'll share it with 2.1 million people. Live a little!"

Dunham's mom is super sweet for helping her daughter get her cyber flirt on. The guy might not have responded, but her fans have, and the photo has wracked up more than 97,000 likes in less than a day. That guy obviously didn't know what kind of woman he was passing up.
Opener Photo: Chelsea Lauren/Variety/REX USA.

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