Emma Stone Talks To Lena Dunham About The Sexist Nicknames She Hates

In case you are unaware, Lena Dunham has a new podcast out in partnership with BuzzFeed called Women of the Hour. So far, people are not really loving it. (One reviewer said one of the “pros” of the project is that it's a miniseries and will end soon. Yikes.) But — if nothing else — Women of the Hour has one thing going for it right out of the gate, and that’s Emma Stone's guest appearance. The Aloha actress stopped by to talk about some nicknames that she really, really hates. Apparently, Stone inwardly rages whenever a male coworker refers to her as “baby” or “honey.” She also reserves a special tier of fury for being called “babe,” which we can totally relate to. So, how would Dunham and Stone prefer to be beckoned on set? They had some suggestions: Pal, bud, buck, dude, and doc all made the list. “Em” also works just fine for Stone. “Anyone can call me 'Em.' That feels great,” she said on air. “That feels personal, and lovely. And you don’t have to say, "Sweetheart!’ You can just say Em.” “Lady” was also batted about, although the two clarified that it’s pretty much only appropriate for female-to-female usage. Stone also revealed that during the filming of her most recent movie, at least one person referred to her exclusively as “dragon.” Which is, of course, what we’ll be referring to her as from here on out. Listen to the podcast in its four-minute entirety here.
OPENER IMAGE: Jim Smeal/BEImages.

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