Fans Are All Riled Up About Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas Touring Together

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Demi Lovato is doing gangbusters this year. The singer — who recently graced the pages of Vanity Fair, un-retouched and in the buff — has a new album out, an upcoming tour, and what seems to be a renewed sense of perspective when it comes to staying chill and sidestepping beef with other stars. Her record, Confident, is brutally (and beautifully) honest on some tracks, and perfectly pop on others — and although the warmer months are behind us, we're still playing "Cool For The Summer" on repeat. All of which begs the question: Why is it that Demi Lovato needed to add another high-profile name to her upcoming tour? With all the buzz around Confident, it seems like the move most in line with the ethos of the album would have been to stand out onstage, loud and proud, on her own. That's one reason some fans aren't thrilled about the singer's decision to team up with Nick Jonas for what's been titled the Future Now tour. They've done this together five times already. Is it really necessary for them to add a sixth? "Unpopular opinion: I'm so sick of Nick and Demi doing everything together," one Twitter user wrote after news broke about Future Now. Another asked why — since Demi is so very "talented and creative on her own" — does she need Nick to go on tour?
Another thing that's frustrating both singers' fans: Despite the fact that the duo has a long history together, something about this recent tour move reeks of marketing maneuvering. Is this all about positioning them as a platonic power couple to draw more people in? Probably, yes — at the end of the day, we'd bet everything boils down to ticket sales. But there's definitely something grossly inauthentic about Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas being positioned as summer 2016's reigning king and queen of pop music.
Twitter users were also quick to compare Lovato and Jonas to The Hunger Games' Katniss and Peeta, faking their relationship in front of the cameras to keep up public appearances.
Perhaps the most confusing response from the Twitterverse came from one user who left us wondering if they were super psyched about the combined tour or totally bummed?
For now, that ambivalence seems to be the overarching feeling about a Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato ticket. But we've got plenty of time to debate whether Future Now is a good thing — none of this is actually happening until next summer.

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