Did Justin Bieber’s Fans Really Name His Penis “Jerry”?

For those of us who've done everything in our power to shield our eyes and ears from the fallout of Justin Bieber's PenisGate scandal, there's a new tidbit of the story that simply cannot be ignored. Fans of the "What Do You Mean" singer — otherwise known as Beliebers — not only had a name for his penis prior to the incident, they don't even call it that anymore. Youths. Bieber stopped by the Zach Sang & The Gang radio show, where he was inevitably asked about his now well-documented member and his father Jeremy Bieber's now well-documented reaction to its public debut. When asked if he had a name for his penis, Bieber confessed, "The fans do, they call it 'Jerry.'" You can watch that portion of the chat, below.
That's right, a whole generation of youngsters has now ruined the phrase, "Hello, Jerry" for you forever. But, not so fast, Jerry the Penis — if that is your real name! While Bieber's package may have had a fan-made moniker, as it turns out, the label has long since reached its expiration date. In response to the radio interview, fans jumped on Twitter to point out that "Jerry" is a passé penis name when it comes to Bieber's little Bieber.
So, there you have it. Call it whatever you'd like, just maybe not Jerry. Opener Image: MediaPunch/REX USA.

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