True Or False: Justin Bieber Wanted Us To See His Penis

Photo: MediaPunch/REX USA.
Indulge us in a little thought exercise for a moment. Pretend you are one of the most photographed celebrities in the entire world: Justin Bieber. Over the past year, you have also been battling rumors that an underwear campaign you appeared in was edited to enlarge your genital mound. Now pretend you're on a beach getaway. Knowing full well that you've probably been followed by paparazzi and their telephoto lenses, you decide to walk around en plein air totally naked. Are you just blithely enjoying being in the buff? Or are you giving haters a prudent peek at your penis, to prove that it's actually as impressive as Calvin Klein made it out to be? We're leaning toward option No. 2. The recent photos of a very blond Biebs taking a quick stroll in the nude seem anything but cavalier — if only because he's very aware of the fact that people are taking pictures of him, with and without his consent, pretty much all the time. What better way to finally conclude the "package" debate than by settling it with a photo? There's one final part to our original thought exercise. Last month, when Lenny Kravitz's penis popped out of his leather pants at a concert, we discussed whether or not giggling about photos of naked male celebs is just as bad as Googling the leaked photos of Jennifer Lawrence and Scarlett Johansson. In theory, it is. So, here's the question: If Bieber staged this photo to reveal the size of his private parts on purpose, do we have to feel bad about discussing the Bieber bits?

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