Ariana Grande & Her Mom Just Made A Really Good Feminist Argument

She got it from her mama. Did Ariana Grande inherit her strong, pro-girl-power streak from her mother Joan? Judging from the mother-daughter duo's tweets over the weekend, all signs point to yes. On Sunday, the elder Grande tweeted her disappointment about how magazines are categorized in stores, with fashion and gossip publications lumped under "women's interest" and business and leisure titles considered "men's interest." Her pop star daughter chimed in on the issue, agreeing that the distinctions are sexist.
"Oh! So women are only interested in tabloids and if I want to read about cars, business, science I have to go to the MEN'S section?" the singer responded. "[We] know mannnnnnnny men who are going to the magazine section for a Cosmo or Vogue or an Elle," she added. Mama Grande cheered on her daughter for getting the issue, while Ariana wrote that she loved her "outspoken, feminist mama." 'Tis a proud moment for us all.
OPENER IMAGE: Jim Smeal/BeImages.

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