5 Remarkable Things We Learned About Lorde On Tumblr Today

Photo: Matt Baron/BEImages.
Lorde fans, today's your lucky day. On Wednesday, the 18-year-old songstress did a Q&A on her Tumblr, where we got to know all sorts of things about our favorite New Zealander. And, it was thrilling (not quite as exciting as a new song, but it's enough to tide us over while we wait). Lorde answered several fan questions with frank, endearing responses. Topics ran the gamut from her hair to her career aspirations when she was 7 years old (hint: very much not what you'd think). Read on for the five raddest things we learned. 1. Her synethesia — a condition where a person sees colors when they hear sounds — affects her songwriting in a very important way.
2. She wanted to be a comedian when she was younger.
3. She can dole out sage life advice that belies her 18 years.
4. "Go big or go home" might as well be her hair mantra.
5. One performance in particular was especially emotional for her.

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