Martha Stewart Smugly Pinpoints Why Blake Lively’s Site Failed

Photo: Henry Lamb/Photowire/BEImages.
Martha Stewart is a master of many things. Making holiday wreaths, for one. Rapping about the 10 best uses for baking soda, for another. But, perhaps Martha's most impressive skill is the ability to direct a backhanded insult that still feels somehow polite. (Now that's the mark of a remarkable hostess.) Case in point: Blake Lively's short-lived lifestyle site, Preserve, officially shuttered last week. (Sad news for anyone seeking a one-shouldered butcher apron.) Stewart — who is, according to Us Weekly, a friend and neighbor to the actress — sweetly told the mag that perhaps the site's shuttering was the best-case scenario. "I know she made a big effort," Stewart told the magazine at the 17th Annual Hudson River Park Gala in NYC earlier this month. But she also added that sometimes, knowing when to fold can be a good thing. "Listen, she's a movie actress," the lifestyle maven said of the the Age of Adaline star. "Why bother with commerce right now?" "She's at the top of her career," Stewart added. "I'm totally supportive, but you know what? Maybe you can't do everything at the same time." We find it hard to believe that Martha is as "totally supportive" as she's claiming to be — especially since her initial comments about Preserve ultimately boiled down to a question about Lively's overall credibility. She's also no stranger to throwing shade at high-profile celebs trying to get into the lifestyle business. Last fall, she reportedly had some choice words for Gwenyth Paltrow about Goop. "She just needs to be quiet," Stewart allegedly said of Paltrow at the time. "She’s a movie star. If she were confident in her acting, she wouldn’t be trying to be Martha Stewart." And — as everyone, including Blake Lively — should be well aware by now, there can only ever be one Martha. So don't even try to hawk mason jars on her turf.

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