The Newest Selfie Trend? Pose Like A Raw Chicken

Photo: Creativ Studio Heinemann/ Getty Images.
Just when you thought you had seen it all, there’s this. A new social media phenomenon called #FrozenChook is taking over Instagram. The participating rules are simple: Take a selfie of yourself looking like a frozen chicken. VICE Munchies reports that the trend started in New Zealand, when a bunch of friends wanted to see who could look the most like a frozen chicken (like you do). So, #FrozenChook took off — and now it’s gone as far as PETA.

A photo posted by PETA (@officialpeta) on

Some people went really far to get a good frozen-chicken selfie. Like this guy, who went on his roof naked.

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This guy has no shame and just chooked it out on the street in front of a gas station.

A photo posted by @frozenchook on

This guy did it in a bookstore (library?).

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Wait. Is this guy in his office? That's pretty bold.

Thought I better get on the bandwagon with the new thing called #frozenchook I suppose it will take off? #acras2015

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To paraphrase Cosmo, I give up trying to understand the internet.

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