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The Latest Twitter Photo Trend Is Like Planking, But Dumber & With Your iPhone

Photographed by Preetma Singh.
To your left, we have a phone being held in a relatively responsible way. Get a nice, long look at it, because we're about to move on to just about the worst way you could hold a cell phone. Extreme phone pinching, as the scholars are calling it, is the latest trend to overtake Twitter and Vine, and, as the name implies, it involves incredible feats of phone-pinching — and foolishness. To partake in the craze — and even go #viral yourself — you simply hold your cell phone between your thumb and forefinger over something that, should you lose your grip, would make it very difficult (or even impossible) to retrieve the phone. Once in position, you find someone to take your photo, most likely with their own, less riskily positioned phone. So far, it seems like the most popular settings for these photos have been bridges, bodies of water, toilets, and sewer grates. We could say something about the universality of the human experience here, but we won't. This stunt reeks of stupidity, and it certainly does not go well for some, but there is something admirable about the confidence that would drive someone to be so devil-may-care with their phone. Like or not, cell phones have become nearly inextricable from our daily routines. To put your own in danger like that is a major demonstration of trust in yourself and your grip. Either that, or your friend with a Vine account dared you to do it for a handsome chunk of change. Let's be clear: You may do what you wish with your cell phone, whether that is taking it apart for science or letting it dangle over the side of a bridge. We can't stop you if you think that's the best use for it, but that does not mean we won't judge you. On that note, check out some of our favorite, most cringe-inducing examples of #ExtremePhonePinching, below:
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