Bandages For All Skin Tones Are Finally Here

Photo: Courtesy of Tru-Colour Bandages.
Wearing a Band-Aid or any kind of adhesive bandage is never fun — unless, of course, it's covered in cartoons. But for all the cutesy designs these everyday products come in, they're certainly lacking in options when it comes to skin-tone. A putty taupe has been the "flesh-tone" hue most brands rely on, until now. Let us introduce you to Tru-Colour Bandages, a company that offers light, medium, and dark bandages for all your healing needs. Founder Toby Meisenheimer, a Chicago father whose children include two white biological kids, three adopted Black children, and one Black foster child, came up with the concept after putting a Band-Aid on the forehead of his 4-year-old-son, Kai, and realizing how ridiculous it was that there wasn't one that matched his skin. "I just want my kids — who are already gonna struggle with the fact that they don't have the same skin color as their dad — to see they were made just as authentic and just as beautiful," Meisenheimer told The Huffington Post. We're totally on board with that. The bandages come in packs of six and are available on Amazon. No one enjoys getting scrape or a cut, but we think this a step that can make the process a little less painful for everyone.

Tru-Colour Bandages
Skin Tone Flexible Fabric Bandages, $6 for a pack of 30, available at Amazon.

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