Pretty Little Liars Has A New Title Sequence

The Pretty Little Liars have been whispering over a coffin in the same outfits for five seasons. It's clearly time to switch things up. The new title sequence, which will open Season 6, still finds the same crowd hanging around the coffin. But now, the girls' looks have changed. In the old clip, the group was all dressed completely in black, and now there's been some lacy embellishment added and (gasp) a bit of gray and white, too.

The assemblage of would-be mourners has also grown. Sasha Pieterse has joined the ranks as Alison DiLaurentis. And the all-important whisper has been passed off. Now it's Shay Mitchell imploring the audience to keep their secret, not Lucy Hale (though each liar will get her turn throughout the season). Season 6, which will feature a time jump, premieres in January.
Opener Photo: MediaPunch Inc/REX USA.

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