Selfie-Friendly Makeup Is A Thing

Photographed by Rockie Nolan.
Can you remember the world before selfies? It wasn't that long ago, but they have become such a thing during the past few years that the word has been inducted into Webster's, our grandmothers are snapping them, and they even have their own song. The average millennial could end up taking 25,676 selfies during his or her lifetime, and some reports say there were more selfie-stick related deaths than those resulting from shark attacks during this past year. Dare we call this a selfie epidemic? A few makeup brands are honing in on this obsession and releasing products that claim to make you look better in smartphone snaps. As The New York Times reports, companies are formulating mostly foundations, but also a few lipsticks and mascaras "that play with light, offering photo finishes or airbrush effects that claim to make wearers camera-ready."

, Laura Mercier, and Avon have all released Instagram-ready products within the past year. CoverGirl came out with its Outlast Stay Luminous Foundation this past summer; it was tested using both the iPhone 5 and 6. But the brand that's most ahead of the curve is Make Up For Ever. Its HD Foundation, which has since been discontinued, was created back in 2009 "to have a link to artists whose work would be on camera for TV and photos," says Sarah Barr Battle, the brand's senior manager of trade and product marketing. And the brand's latest Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation is the first and only foundation of its kind designed for the demands of 4K technology. "With technology changing, and our phones and cameras advancing at rapid speed, there is a demand for makeup to meet those standards," says Battle. "A lot of people have been gravitating toward makeup that offers an 'Instagram filter-like' effect when applied on the face, so they wouldn’t have to edit as much when posting their selfies."
What makes these products more innovative than your everyday base makeup? Well, the makeup has to appear flawless to both the naked eye and the most magnified camera lens — and we all know that's not an easy task. According to The Times, CoverGirl went through 43 versions of its latest foundation, taking upwards of two years before landing on the perfect balance of long-wear and shine. To ensure that the Ultra HD Foundation provided coverage while still looking completely invisible on-screen, the Make Up For Ever team conducted rigorous testing with 4K cameras and technicians. For Make Up For Ever, the result is a product that's "a little lighter in texture, goes on smoother, and has a more skin-like finish," explains Battle. "It's neither matte nor dewy, but it truly mimics the skin texture and, therefore, is invisible to the eye." The buildable formula is both innovative and inclusive — which we love — providing about 40 shade options. The whole idea has a bit of a gimmicky feel to it, for sure. But these companies are tapping into the needs of a selfie-loving generation and, from what we can glean, succeeding — which we can't help but applaud. As for the future, we're sure there's another wave of makeup innovation around the corner. But first, let's take a selfie.

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