Kylie Jenner’s Bizarre Moisturizer Trick Is Actually Kinda Genius

Kylie Jenner had stayed fairly tight-lipped about her beauty routine until about a month ago. At that point, she revealed her full hair- and skin-care regimen to The New York Times (which, unsurprisingly, adds up to more than $3,000), and we thought we'd seen and heard it all. But now, she's given us another reason to tune in. In the latest tutorial on her website, Kylie and her best friend Stas give Kylie's assistant, Victoria, a makeover. "We're going to make her look like us," Kylie says in the video. The first step in the process is putting on moisturizer, which is something most of us slap on every day and don't give much thought to. But this is Kylie Jenner we're talking about. She dabs the cream on Victoria's forehead, cheeks, and chin — business as usual. But things start to get really interesting once she starts rubbing the product into her face. Rather than smooth it on with her fingers, she reaches for a makeup brush. And these aren't ordinary bristles; they're from an Artis Oval makeup brush — which is densely packed, cruelty-free, and costs a cool $72. "Doesn't that feel amazing?" Kylie asks. While we're not surprised that Kylie almost never touches her own face with her hands, her 1% beauty trick is actually pretty genius. The bristles help blend the moisturizer, the back-and-forth massage action is good for the skin, and applying it with a brush is more hygienic — especially since the Artis, in particular, is antimicrobial. Check out the video above.

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