The Last Show Of Fashion Week Sums It All Up Perfectly

Fashion Month, in all its glitz and glamour, is — in one word — exhausting. Four weeks, multiple cities, countless collections: It's not for the weak or the boring. It's a celebration of creativity and a signifier of what's to come in fashion, which is never more closely watched than in the last show of the month — a heavy responsibility taken on by Miuccia Prada in Paris every year.

Perhaps the weight of this assignment is what makes her collections for Miu Miu so full of life, energy, and color every time. Sure, it's at least partly owed to her love of all things feminine and fanciful, but she's also illustrating the last scene of the play, the image of "fashion" that sticks with us all until the next round in six months' time.

Her hodgepodge of retro references, creative layering, and out-of-the-box styling (ribbons wrapped around ankles, skimpy lingerie paired with the heaviest of wool coats) was just the bang that the end of Fashion Month needed. Here, we saw the trademark Miu Miu girly-girl channel her badass side, juxtaposing the soft and hard in a way that oddly meshed perfectly. A tiara-style headband and clunky platform boots? Yup. A grungey purple pout with the most princess-like of tulle skirts? It worked. Impeccably tailored outerwear (perfect for the office) pants? That too. These dichotomies summarized what the fashion industry is all about: If you want random things to work together, you'll figure out a way.

Thank you, Miuccia, for giving us one last look (until next season, at least) at how wonderful fashion can be. Now, if you don't mind, we're going to sleep for a few weeks.

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