Kristen Stewart Saw The Future, And It Had A Gender-Swapped Twilight

Kristen Stewart is obviously just a little bit physic. In an interview with Hollywood Stream back in 2012, Stewart imagined a world in which Bella and Edward swapped genders. The idea became a reality this week when Twilight author Stephanie Meyers released Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined. The story of vampire-human forbidden love remains the same, but in this version, human (and male) Beau Swan falls for the sparkly, undead Edythe Cullen. In the interview, Stewart explained why she imagined this particular fan-fiction version of the vampire story. "I think if you were to swap the roles...people would find Edward so courageous," she shared. "Like, 'Wow, he just laid it all on the line for her and really trusts himself, and even in the face of the strongest adversity, he doesn’t deny his feelings!'” It might take people a while to mull over the swap before we can collectively partake in a proper book-club discussion, comparing the gender dynamics in both Twilight and Life and Death. Though I'm sure the two tomes will appear side by side on a college syllabus very soon. At least some of the credit for inspiring the ensuing conversation has to go to Stewart. Watch the full interview below.

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