Nicole Kidman Says Filming Painful Sex Scenes Is Just Part Of Her Job

Photo: Jim Smeal/BEImages.
Nicole Kidman doesn't seem to mind if a movie sex scene goes too far — even if it means she goes home with bruises. While chatting with Interview magazine, Kidman reminisced with director Lee Daniels — who helmed her 2012 movie The Paperboy — about one of the film's particularly rough sex scenes. Daniels introduced the subject by commenting on her willingness to do whatever it takes for a role. "And what kills me is that you don't complain," Daniels said, of Kidman. "I don't know whether that's a good or bad thing." He recalled how John Cusack was "throwing you around the fucking room like a mop," and how she came to set the next day bruised. "Is that a part of your discipline?" Daniels asked. "Yeah. And also I want to protect the other actor, because he's finding it and doing it," Kidman responded. "I want him to feel free. Actors have to protect each other in a way." She then went on to say that it's better to not admit if you're hurt. "If you're tentative and scared that you're hurting someone or that you’re overstepping a line or that there's a boundary that you've crossed, it makes everybody too cautious," she said. So, there you have it: According to Kidman, apparently actors just have to deal with the bruises — it's for the sake of the movie, after all.

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