Oregon Shooting Witness Just Summed Up America’s Gun Problem In One Heartbreaking Statement

What's more dangerous: Getting an education in America or being deployed in the military? If you ask Kenny Ungerman, who survived today's mass shooting at Oregon's Umpqua Community College, the answer would be the former. MSNBC's Brian Williams interviewed Ungerman on-air and found out that this is the second campus shooting the 25-year-old Navy veteran has experienced. "I was also at Roseburg High School when that shooting happened, back in 2006," he told Williams. "So it's just crazy to think that I'd be on campus when another shooting happens." Williams responded by saying that Ungerman's account is "a tragic story of modern-day America." Williams then asked if Ungerman's military deployment was perfectly safe for him, to which he responded, "Correct. Yes, it was." If that's not a glaring reminder of our country's gun problem, we don't know what is. Ungerman was born and raised in Roseburg, OR, the same town where Umpqua Community College is located. He was in the Navy for four years before choosing to pursue a career as an EMT and firefighter. Watch the video below to hear the interview in full.

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