15 Million T-Mobile Credit Applicants' Data Exposed In Experian Hack

Photo: Courtesy T-Mobile.
If you're a T-Mobile subscriber, we've got some bad news: Your data may have been exposed following a hack of the credit agency Experian.

Experian revealed Thursday that names, birthdates, addresses, and social security numbers, as well as other identifying information used in credit assessment, may have been gleaned in a recent data breach. If you've had your credit checked in order to make a purchase through T-Mobile over the past 25 months, your data could be in that mix.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere addressed the news in a blog post on the company's site:

"I am incredibly angry about this data breach and we will institute a thorough review of our relationship with Experian, but right now my top concern and first focus is assisting any and all consumers affected. I take our customer and prospective customer privacy VERY seriously. This is no small issue for us. I do want to assure our customers that neither T-Mobile’s systems nor network were part of this intrusion and this did not involve any payment card numbers or bank account information."

Experian is in the process of notifying those affected, and is offering two years of free credit monitoring through ProtectMyID to those individuals. Thus far, it doesn't look like the data has been used maliciously. But, one important note: Neither Experian nor T-Mobile will call or send you a message and then ask for personal information regarding the hack. If someone does, do not share any information and report the incident to authorities.

For more detailed information about the data breach, you can go here.

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