The Weirdest Thing You Never Noticed About Halloween Costumes

We already know that pre-packaged Halloween costumes grow more and more ridiculous each year (sexy burger, anyone?), but have you realized just how ludicrous they've actually gotten? If you're unsure as to whether Disney or other companies would actually approve of these provocative interpretations of our favorite childhood characters, the answer is probably no. How does a company get around producing an ensemble that features large, round ears and a red skirt and not call it Minnie? They package it as "Miss Mikki," of course.

Due to strict licensing laws on trademarks, costume manufacturers are finding new ways to combat potential infringement when producing the likeness of popular characters and celebrities. The change, which is usually found in the costume's product title, is — whether intentional or not — pretty hilarious. Scan any Halloween shop's website and you're bound to find names pared down to general descriptions that seem sourced from a thesaurus, like "Storybook Princess Babe," or "Boarding School Wizard." And it's these truly inventive — read: absurd — efforts that caught our attention. Someplace, somewhere, there's a copywriter who deserves a round of applause for naming a lookalike minion a "One-Eyed Master's Helper."

Click ahead for 30 of the best stretch-of-the-imagination costume names out there. Bonus points if you're able to guess them first.

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